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Fair Trade - National

Hershey CEO David West received a surprise this Valentine’s Day!

A box of flowers was delivered directly to West’s office, containing handmade valentines from children outraged at Hersheys’ continued use of cocoa that has not been certified to be free of child labor or cocoa prices that perpetuate poverty.  The valentines ask Hershey to go Fair Trade.

Check out this must-see web page to view nearly 200 cute, funny valentines included in the box or sent directly to Hershey.

This action to continue the pressure on Hershey was coordinated by Global Exchange and our Raise the Bar Campaign partners International Labor Rights Forum, Green America and Oasis.  Thanks to so many of YOU for participating by mailing your valentines to David West at Hershey.

If you have not mailed your valentines yet, be sure to do so today.  More information is available here.

Please help us continue to keep the pressure on Hershey by making a contribution today at www.globalexchange.org/donatefairtrade.

Hersheygate Scandal Erupts

Hershey Trust President Bob Reese (of peanut butter cup family fame) filed a court complaint just days before Valentine’s Day, accusing Hershey Trust board members of serious violations of their duties.  The allegations include personal financial gain and benefits at the expense of the orphanage that Hershey Company profits support, including a controversial real estate transaction, and improperly funding Republican party events.  Reese was sacked the same day.

Read more here.

The Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign sheds light on Hershey’s failure to end the unethical use of child, forced, and trafficked labor.  This scandal shows that there is a pattern of unethical practices at the Hershey Company.

National Valentine’s Day of Action:  Thank you!

Thanks to each and every one of you that reached out to educators or taught students about Fair Trade using Global Exchange’s Fair Trade curriculum.  Once again, we reached thousands of students with our important messages detailing how free trade perpetuates poverty, labor abuses, and environmental degradation, and how Fair Trade presents a solution.

Our Fair Trade curriculum can be taught all year long, so if you are and educator or know one, visit this page.

To learn more about our Hershey Campaign, please visit http://www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/fairtrade/cocoa/raisethebarhershey.html

Please forward this email as broadly as possible.

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