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Freedom From Oil

Dear Supporter,

Oil. It’s dirty, deadly, and finite. The corporations that profit from our continued addiction to it are among the most destructive and powerful institutions on the planet. So let’s make 2011 the year we declare our freedom from oil, and create true energy independence.

Join Global Exchange, support our efforts to guarantee a cleaner, saner world for future generations. Support our efforts to reign in the oil industry and transition from oil all together. Donate today

Over the past year, with your support we’ve done A LOT to change Big Oil!

Thanks to your support, we released the True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report, revealing not only the truth about Chevron’s abuses, but the communities the world over joining together to take Chevron on and change its deadly ways. We took on Chevron at its annual shareholder meeting in May, built green alternatives in California and Detroit, and defeated Proposition 23 in California!

As Energy Program Director Antonia Juhasz finishes her new book, BLACK TIDE, on the BP Gulf oil disaster due out in April, we’ve provided information and action updates to change Big Oil’s deeply dangerous deepwater ways.

Your support has enabled us to achieve important victories, but we're not there yet.  Together, we can move away from dirty energy like oil and embrace sustainable alternatives.  Please make a donation today so that we can continue our important work into the New Year.

Five Great Reasons You Should Donate Today:

  1. We have the experience and the tenacity to take on Big Oil—and we won’t back down.
  2. We’re taking on BP and the Gulf oil disaster this year to ensure nothing like it ever takes place again here or anywhere in the world.
  3. Our international network of oil-affected communities will continue expanding – and we want to make sure it keeps growing.
  4. Your gift to Global Exchange is a gift to peace, justice, and human rights!
  5. If you donate by December 31, you get a break on your 2010 taxes.

Your donation helps us Open Eyes, Open Minds, and Open Hearts—to take on the complex problems we face with awareness, compassion, and a willingness to try new ideas.  Join us in making a more Open World where peace, justice and respect for human rights is a reality for everyone!

All of us at Global Exchange thank you for your tireless passion for justice, peace and human rights. We thank you for your trust and partnership - whether you’ve been a Global Exchange supporter for 22 years, or are a new friend. Together, we will make our world a just, peaceful and sustainable planet for all.

May the New Year be a happy one for all of us, and bring us closer to peace and justice.

Medea Benjamin, Kirsten Moller and Kevin Danaher

Global Exchange Founders

P.S. We’re so close to our year-end fundraising goals.  There are less than two weeks left to give for 2010.  Please give today and help make a more open world possible

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