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Fair Trade - National

Happy Halloween from Global Exchange!

During our annual Halloween celebration of children and chocolate, would you take 10 minutes to urge Hershey to end child and forced labor in their supply chain and source Fair Trade instead?:

1.    Download Reverse Trick-or-Treating flyers and Raise the Bar Hershey flyers to pass out this Halloween!
2.    Send a petition to Hershey CEO David West
3.    Order the documentary, Dark Side of Chocolate and plan to host a screening
4.    Visit http://www.hersheys.com/reeses/perfect/home.aspx to make an ad on Reese’s website raising awareness about forced and child labor in Hershey’s cocoa, and send it to all your friends.  Our favorite so far, by our colleagues at Oasis, says “Caution: May contain milk, nuts, and child or forced labor.”  If you make the ad by Monday, November 1 and CC it to fairtrade@greenamerica.org, Green America will send the best ads to Hershey.
5.    NEWSFLASH!  According to his Facebook page, Stephen Colbert’s “March to Keep Fear Alive” is sponsored by Reese’s (owned by Hershey)!  For children in West Africa, Hershey’s/Reese’s are indeed keeping fear alive…the childrens’ fear of being trafficked into forced labor in the cocoa fields that grow cocoa for chocolate bars sold in the US.  There is a lot of buzz nationwide about this march, on Halloween eve…join the Raise the Bar Campaign in helping use that buzz to hold Hershey accountable.  If you have a Facebook account, leave a message on the wall of Stephen Colbert, the Colbert Report, and the March to Keep Fear Alive, as well as the Daily Show, raising awareness of the connection between Reese’s and child labor.  If you use Twitter, here are some suggested tweets:

  • @StephenAtHome the only thing scarier the #march4fear is the use of #ChildLabor in the production of #Reeses
  • @StephenAtHome #Reeses does have something to hide and it is scarier than peanuts: #ChildLabor
  • @ColbertReport #Reeses may contain dairy, peanuts and #ChildLabor.

Sign a petition to Stephen Colbert to put pressure on Hershey at http://www.change.org/petitions/view/stephen_colbert_reveal_what_reeses_are_really_hiding

We’re delighted to say that tens of thousands of kids and adults will hand Reverse Trick-or-Treating cards to 100,000 households in 49 states and the District of Columbia in the US and all over Canada this year!

Thank you for joining them in taking action!

-Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Campaign Team

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