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Freedom From Oil
Dear Global Exchange Supporter,

Election day, November 2, is less than a week away and Global Exchange is working hard on a campaign in California challenging the oil industry over two measures that have significant national and global implications.

Big polluters, Koch Industries and Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro, are spending millions promoting a deceptive initiative on California’s ballot, Proposition 23, trying to kill the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act. A recent editorial in the Sacramento Bee stated "If Proposition 23 were to pass on Nov. 2, it would be a major setback to state, national and international efforts to fight global warming."

“The Stakes are High”
Recognizing California’s importance as a bellweather state that leads the nation to new environmental standards, economist Thomas Friedman recently wrote in the New York Times about the Prop 23 battle and quoted George Shultz stating that "if we get something that is working here to clean up the air and launch a clean-tech industry, it will go national and maybe international. So the stakes are high.”

We must stop the oil industry’s Prop 23 from blocking our environmental legislation and prevent Prop 23 from harming the burgeoning green economy, green jobs, clean tech and renewable energy investments.  During the current economic downturn, the clean tech sector has been the only sector adding jobs.

Stop Prop 26!

Chevron is a leading a team of corporate polluters backing Prop 26, an underhanded attempt to cut off our ability to make polluters pay. The Proposition would increase the voting threshold from a simple to a two-thirds majority in the legislature to pass new fees against corporate polluters.  Chevron is leading this pack of conspirators with $3.75 million invested in Prop 26 to date.


Join the effort to defeat Prop 23 and Prop 26 with Global Exchange!  

In California:

  • VOLUNTEER with the campaign
    - Phone calls, op-eds, letters to the editor and our presence in the streets is essential to the defeat of these propositions. To find out about the volunteer opportunities, call TJ Buonomo, Energy Program Associate at Global Exchange, at 415.255.7296 ext. 230 or take a look at our ACT NOW! box on the right-hand side of the Energy Program's web page.

From wherever you live, SPREAD THE WORD:

  • Tell your family and friends in California why they should vote NO on Prop 23 and Prop 26.
  • Write a letter to the editor of a California newspaper. See letter writing tools.
  • Use your social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

DONATE! We’re up against Big Oil’s deep pockets and we count on donations from people like you to succeed.

With oil interests spending millions to confuse voters, the polls indicate that the vote is likely to be close.  To defeat Prop 23 and Prop 26, we need all the help we can get in the last weeks before the vote on November 2nd.

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