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Dear Global Exchange Supporter,

Kids need your help! Order your FREE Reverse Trick-or-Treating kit today to help raise awareness this Halloween about child and forced labor, child trafficking, poverty, and environmental degradation on cocoa farms, and how Fair Trade addresses these issues.

DEADLINE TO ORDER extended to October 13th, but we may run out at any time, so order NOW! Kits for individuals are FREE, plus shipping charges.

Request a kit for your family TODAY at www.reversetrickortreating.org.

What is Reverse Trick-or-Treating?  On Halloween, children (+ high school/college students/adults) on their regular trick-or-treating rounds through their neighborhoods, or at an equivalent community event, give chocolate back to adults at each house they visit. Each kit includes Fair Trade chocolate attached to informational cards about the problems in the cocoa industry, (such as child slavery, environmental degradation, and poverty) and how Fair Trade provides a solution.

 With your help, we will reach nearly 100,000 households in the US and Canada this year with this important informational message!

Your participation is just as urgent as ever. The new documentary, The Dark Side of Chocolate, reveals shocking new evidence that child slavery is still widespread in the cocoa industry - almost a decade after the cocoa industry committed to end these practices.

To order Fair Trade trick-or-treating chocolate to distribute from your doorstep, including Global Exchange's Halloween Fair Trade Action Kit, look no further than Global Exchange's Fair Trade Store, Equal Exchange, Sweet Earth Chocolates, and Coco-Zen.

Whether or not you order a Reverse Trick-or-Treating kit, please join the Raise the Bar Campaign and circulate flyers on Halloween calling on Hershey’s to stop using cocoa grown with child or forced labor and start using Fair Trade certified cocoa.

October is Fair Trade Month, so join Global Exchange’s National Month of Action to organize your Youth Power Party to start a Sweet Smarts Chapter (though if you need to hold out until early November, we’ll still count it as part of the National Month of Action!)  Sweet Smarts chapters are an opportunity for youth of all ages to learn important advocacy and leadership skills and to implement them within their own communities.  We have developed new activity guides, which offer a step by step process to become a Fair Trade advocate and help end poverty, child labor, and environmental degradation by raising awareness about Fair Trade.

Thank you, as always, for your work on behalf of peace and justice,

Global Exchange

(A special thanks to Reverse Trick-or-Treating 2010 Fair Trade chocolate company donors Equal Exchange, Sweet Earth, and Coco-Zen.)

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