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Freedom From Oil

Bay Area Global Exchangers,

On 10/10/10, Global Exchange is joining RAN and our friends at 350.org, thousands of people around the world, and you for a global work party. We're going to inspire our leaders, and even some of the country's dirtiest corporations, to get to work on the climate crisis.

We'll be targeting one of the country's biggest and baddest corporations: Chevron. From Chevron's pollution of communities living near its Richmond, California refinery, to the oil waste it is still fighting tooth and nail not to clean up in Ecuador's rainforest, Chevron is a danger to people's health and the climate.

We need your help cleaning up Chevron service stations around the Bay Area. We'll be delivering letters to station owners, doing "Clean Up Chevron" street theater, and sending Chevron the message to "Get to work and clean up Ecuador!"

RSVP: To join us, RSVP here.

WHAT: Clean up Chevron's Dirty Energy on 10-10-10

WHEN: October 10th, 2010

WHERE: Every Chevron Station in San Francisco

CONTACT: LCapato@Ran.org

So grab your broom and the rest of your cleaning supplies because we're going to need your help to stage mock-clean ups at all San Francisco Chevron stations!

For more information, visit ChangeChevron.org

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