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Fair Trade - National

Now is a critical time to take action!

This week, the Hershey Company released its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report.  Global Exchange and our Raise the Bar Campaign partners, International Labor Rights Forum, Green America, and Oasis USA responded immediately by releasing an Alternative CSR Report the same day.  The press release is available here.

Our report, "Time to Raise the Bar: The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the Hershey Company," calls Hershey's' claims into question and sheds light on the company's continued failure to address problems of child and forced labor, as well as poverty, on cocoa farms that supply most of the world's cocoa.  The report has received extensive press coverage nationwide.  (Here is just one example.)

Hershey's report reflects the same foot-dragging in addressing this problem that we have seen since they promised to take "immediate action" to end child and forced labor nearly a decade ago. 

Please take action!

1.    Respond to Hershey's survey TODAY!

Hershey is inviting individuals to fill out an online survey to comment on their official CSR report.  Please take a few moments to help us FLOOD Hershey with survey responses telling Hershey that you are appalled by their corporate behavior and will not tolerate child and forced labor in cocoa!  Make it clear to Hershey that they did not go far enough in outlining steps to bring a real end to child and forced labor, and replace it with Fair Trade.  The survey is available here.  Hershey's own report is at http://www.thehersheycompany.com/social-responsibility/pdf/Hershey_Report_091210_FINAL.pdf, and child and forced labor is addressed primarily on pages 20-21.  (If you do not read the full report, feel free to mark "not applicable" for sections you have not read.)

2.    Organize a screening of the new documentary, the Dark Side of Chocolate, and invite your friends to sign a petition to Hershey's.

All materials available at http://www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/fairtrade/cocoa/raisethebarhershey.html

3.    Forward this email to everyone you know

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