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Dear Global Exchange Supporter,

Together, with your support, Global Exchange has been on the front lines of standing against corporate power and standing up for the rights of people.  Together we have won important victories.

I'm asking for your urgent action to support the tiny California town of Mt. Shasta who is standing up for their rights, and for all of ours.  

They need your support today! With our help they put a cutting-edge ordinance on the ballot--Measure A--which would outlaw corporate personhood and put the strongest environmental protection in California into effect protecting their pristine local water.

But last week it was removed from the ballot-illegally!  We need your help to restore Measure A and ensure that people-not corporations make decisions about local resources in Mt. Shasta and beyond.  

DONATE NOW to support this critical work to ensure our fundamental Constitutional right to VOTE is not taken away in the interests of large corporations.   We need $5,000 to support this effort.

In partnership with Global Exchange, residents spent the last eighteen months and hundreds of hours of organizing, signature-gathering and public education campaigning in order to put an ordinance on the ballot this November that bans corporate weather manipulation (chemical cloud seeding) by the PG&E corporation and bulk water extraction, and places community (and nature's) rights above corporate interests.  

After nearly two years of work by dozens of volunteers, and garnering the petition signatures of over 700 voters (more than 1/3 of the registered voters), and more than 200 public statements of support at City Council meetings all Spring and Summer-Measure A was killed by the stroke of County Clerk Coleen Setzer's pen.

Learn more about the critical importance of Measure A and the illegal action to strip our democratic rights!

Stand with us again.  Help us raise $5,000 immediately so that we can hire the necessary legal team to challenge the County Clerk's decision and ensure Mt. Shasta the right to vote.

The brave and committed citizens of Mt. Shasta need your support.  Don't let the corporations win this fight.  Make the largest contribution you can today, and help us put people in power of their communities not corporations.  

Thank you for your continued support.  We'll keep you updated on this effort in Shasta as it unfolds.


Kirsten Moller
Executive Director

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