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Fair Trade - National

Hershey has declared August 10th as "National S'mores Day," and we've decided to celebrate - with Fair Trade of course! Devour Fair Trade S'mores and tell Hershey that they're only furthering abusive child labor and poverty in the cocoa industry.

Munch on your s'mores secure in the knowledge that you're munching in solidarity with members of social justice, labor, environmental, faith-based, and educational organizations around the country.

For sweet activity ideas, organizational charts, checklists, and flyers to plan your own Fair Trade S'mores party, visit www.globalexchange.org/smoresaction.

We just got some MUST SEE pictures from a We Want More From Our S'mores action at the annual Plowsharing Crafts Picnic in Missouri. Check them out! www.flickr.com/photos/globalexchange/sets/72157624530885499/. Did you see all the kids eating Fair Trade s'mores? That could be you! Show us YOUR amazing pictures by eating Fair Trade s'mores, taking pictures, and sending them to us at fairtrade@globalexchange.org!

Also! Now you can order a Fair Trade Your Supermarket campaign kit online to make Fair Trading your supermarket even easier! www.fairtradeyoursupermarket.org/action-kits/

Global Exchange Fair Trade

P.S. Love Fair Trade? Tell us how much and get rewarded with $2,000 in prizes! Check out this new essay competition we're co-sponsoring: news.yourolivebranch.org/ilovefairtrade/.

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