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Before it exploded, BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig was owned and operated by Transocean, the same company Chevron--the largest lease holder in the Gulf--contracts with for its massive Gulf offshore operations.

On May 25, representatives from communities harmed by -- and fighting back against -- The Chevron Corporation are coming to Houston to confront the oil giant at its annual shareholder meeting. Across the globe, Chevron's operations put our climate, security, and the health of our communities at great risk. That's why it's the focus of a growing resistance movement. Community leaders from Angola, Burma, New Mexico, Australia, Kazakhstan, Alaska, Ecuador, Texas, Nigeria, California, Colombia, Mississippi, Canada, Thailand, and Wyoming; representatives of Iraq Vetrans Against the War; and more have recorded our stories of struggle and success against Chevron in "The True Cost of Chevron: an Alternative Annual Report, 2010". We will share them at a Public Forum on May 25. Then, on May 26, we will confront Chevron at its Houston headquarters. Join us for a fun and colorful protest rally.

Join us for a Public Forum on Struggle and Success

Tuesday, May 25, 6-8pm
Rice Media Center
Entrance #8
Stockton @ University Blvd
Houston, Texas 77005

And a Protest Rally at Chevron's Headquarters
Wednesday, May 26, 7-11am
1500 Lousiana St.
Houston, TX 77002

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