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Freedom From Oil
Dear Global Exchange Supporter,


On May 26, 2010, Chevron will move its annual shareholder meeting from San Ramon, California (where it is based) to its Houston, Texas headquarters (in the infamous Enron Building). Chevron is trying to run from its critics.

Well, it can run, but, with your help, it can't hide!

For over a decade, a powerful movement has been building to expose the true cost of Chevron's operations and the communities in struggle against them. Communities harmed by Chevron's operations have increasingly united and built more allies to demand human rights, environmental, economic, and climate justice, and corporate responsibility. Chevron's shareholder meetings have, and continue to be, a critical organizing moment when the demands of these communities are brought into to the public (and corporate) eye.

Global Exchange is a proud member of this movement. We created our Chevron Program to help expand this movement to include even more communities resisting Chevron's devastating operations, better amplify these voices and unite these efforts, and enlist even more allies into our shared cause. We have been incredibly successful. With your help this alliance will not only grow, but will be on full display in Houston!

Will You Join Us?

•    SIGN THE PETITION: Tell the CEO of Chevron that it Can Run, But it Can't Hide! You commit to either being in Houston, or supporting the efforts of those who will
•    TAKE ACTION: Click here for Many More Ways to Get Involved!

Last year's Chevron shareholder meeting in San Ramon was the most impactful joint organizing effort to date. It was there that this alliance released The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report. While protesters rallied with incredible visuals and passion outside of the meeting, inside impacted community members spoke directly to Chevron's executives, shareholders, and the gathered media. The story of the day's events ran in some 150 newspapers and media outlets and went viral across the web.

Celebrating a successful day of protest and intervention at Chevron's 2009 Annual Shareholder Meeting in San Ramon, CA.
photo: Patrick Herms

This year, with the help of our allies, we will bring people organizing against Chevron's operations in their home communities to Houston for a series of groundbreaking press, protest, public, and organizing events.

With a particular focus on native, First Nation, and indigenous communities, we plan to be joined in Houston by impacted-community members from Colombia, Texas, Nigeria, Utah, Ecuador, California, Indonesia, Burma, Mississippi, Angola, Australia, Florida, Thailand, Cambodia, Louisiana, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, the Canadian Tar Sands, and more! Chevron's coal operations will be highlighted by the participation of those coal communities from Wyoming, Alabama, and New Mexico. We are well on are way to accomplishing this incredible goal!

In Houston, our network will release the new and improved 2010 True Cost of Chevron Alternative Annual Report. We have been working closely with Houston organizers to coordinate a rally/protest outside of the meeting while, through proxies, impacted-community members go into the meeting. We will then host a landmark two-day strategy retreat to discuss how to expand and formalize this network to not only support our individual campaigns, but to build a movement capable of reining in not just Chevron, but the entire oil industry.

We Need Your Help To Make This Happen.
Visit our Take Action Page for Ways To Get Involved and learn more at www.GlobalExchange.org/chevron

Thank you!

Antonia Juhasz
The Chevron Program at Global Exchange

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