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Fair Trade - National

For the third year in a row, together, we have exceeded our goals for the National Valentine's Day of Action.

This year's goal:  Educate 3,500 children and youth about Fair Trade by Valentine's Day, using Global Exchange's Fair Trade curriculum, providing students with a deep learning experience about Fair Trade, starting many families on a lifetime of interest and involvement in the Fair Trade movement.

And now…the numbers are in!

The results:  Educators taught the curriculum to 3,870 students in the US; participants were spread over 22 states, from Kentucky to Washington State and Nebraska to Maine.  Some educators from outside the US also reported in that they taught an additional 207 students about Fair Trade in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Moreover, social justice clubs at one high school used Global Exchange's curriculum and pooled their resources to create a brochure that they distributed to 1,800 students at their school with Fair Trade chocolate minis.

Grand total:  5,877 youth educated about Fair Trade as part of the National Valentine's Day of Action

(Because not all classrooms report their participation, the actual numbers are probably higher.)

THANK YOU to all of you who helped make the National Valentine's Day of Action a huge success by referring teachers to the curriculum and teaching about Fair Trade in your classrooms!

Please be part of educating even more students next year, by telling educators about the curriculum today!  The curriculum can be downloaded at www.globalexchange.org/cocoa

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