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Fair Trade - National

It's January 14…Just 1 month 'til Valentine's Day

Celebrate "Pre-Valentine's Day" TODAY with the
"Pre-National Valentine's Day of Action"!


Please forward this email to ALL of your contacts TODAY!

By doing so, you'll be spreading the love to low-income farmers around the world who produce cocoa for the chocolate you love, and help to end poverty and abusive child labor in cocoa-farming communities.

AND you may win a prize drawing for $40 in fabulous gifts from the Global Exchange Fair Trade store, including CHOCOLATE!

What is the National Valentine's Day of Action?

Here at Global Exchange, we have developed a seriously awesome, free Fair Trade cocoa curriculum, including 9 ready-to-use lesson plans.  Educators nationwide (including teachers, youth group leaders, Sunday/religious school teachers, etc, etc) are acting in solidarity to present our innovative, teaching standards-friendly cocoa curriculum, to educate students about Fair Trade on or before Valentine's Day.

Why email ALL your contacts?

Because your other friends, family and colleagues also know educators who may be interested.

Educators receiving this email:  
Will you join teachers nationwide and help reach our goal of educating at least 3,500 students this Valentine's Day?  This year, Global Exchange's National Valentine's Day of Action is also the Valentine's Day action of the American Federation of Teachers' International Affairs Department!  www.aft.org/

Educators who teach the curriculum will be entered into a prize drawing for $75 in Fair Trade gifts from Global Exchange's Fair Trade online store (www.globalexchangestore.org/)

REGISTER TODAY!  The first five new participants in the National Valentine's Day of Action to download the curriculum AND email us to register will receive Fair Trade cocoa beans to use with their lessons.

To participate as an educator, enable us to track whether we have reached our goal of 3,500 students, and get entered into the prize drawing, please take ALL THREE of these steps:

1.  Download the curriculum at www.globalexchange.org/cocoa

2.  No later than February 13, email fairtrade@globalexchange.org with "National Valentine's Day of Action Participant" in the subject line and the following information in the body of the email:

Your name:
Your school:
City and state where your school is located:
Your mailing address:
Your phone number:
Number of children in your classroom:
Date you plan to teach the curriculum:

3.  E-mail or postmark your curriculum evaluation by February 21st.

How to win if you refer an educator:
When downloading the curriculum, educators enter the name of the individual who referred them to the curriculum.

While we encourage participation around the globe, please note that only individuals with US addresses are eligible for the prize drawing.

Want to increase your chances of winning?? Do these three things:

  1. 1 minute: Forward this e-mail to everyone you know, especially educators! Hurry, they start planning their curriculum now!
  2. 10 minutes: Make an announcement at your local PTA or teacher staff meeting.
  3. 20 minutes: Go to www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/fairtrade/cocoa/vdaycurricula.html and download the National Valentine's Day flyer and pass it out at your local schools, put them in teacher's mailboxes, etc.

However you choose to do it, just remember that YOU'RE making a DIFFERENCE. And that cocoa farming parents and their children will appreciate every effort you make to help better their lives.

PS:  Have you made your Fair Trade New Year's Resolution yet?  It's not too late!  Visit www.globalexchange.org/cocoa and follow the links to the New Year's Resolution page.

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