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Fair Trade - National

Why start at Thanksgiving?

The days after Thanksgiving are some of the busiest for holiday gift shopping!

AND many of us will be together with family and friends…

How can we Fair Trade the holidays this Thanksgiving?

There are three great ways Fair Trade advocates across the country are working together to make Thanksgiving the season to help end poverty and empower Fair Trade artisans and farmers to transform their lives.

Please visit www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/fairtrade/cocoa/caroling.html to get all the details

1.  Serve Fair Trade at your Thanksgiving meal!

Serving dishes made with ingredients like Fair Trade certified rice, quinoa, sugar, and chocolate is a great way to educate your extended family about Fair Trade.  You can also serve Fair Trade certified beverages like coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and wine.

2.  Fair Trade Holiday Gift Challenge

Fair Trade advocacy organizations, religious denominations, and other groups across the country are challenging you to buy some or all of your holiday gifts Fair Trade this year

If hundreds or thousands of us pledge to buy Fair Trade this holiday season, our collective purchasing power will transform the lives of countless Fair Trade farmers and artisans struggling to free themselves from poverty!  We hope you'll join us!

Around the table over Thanksgiving weekend, please consider discussing the Fair Trade Holiday Gift Challenge with your family, and ask if others would also be willing to join you in buying some or all of your holiday gifts Fair Trade this year.  

Download and copy the Fair Trade New Year's Resolution (which includes the Fair Trade Holiday Gift Challenge) to distribute to your family, at www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/fairtrade/cocoa/resolution.html

Scroll down to the end of this email for resources on where to find Fair Trade holiday gift!

The toolkit also has a form that allows you to list the names of friends, family, and neighbors who are taking the Fair Trade Holiday Gift pledge or New Year's Resolution.

3.  Fair Trade Holiday Caroling, including virtual caroling through online videos!

Thanksgiving weekend through early December is one of the best times to go Fair Trade Holiday Caroling, using the Toolkit/Songbook at www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/fairtrade/cocoa/caroling.html.  By caroling early, you can invite neighbors, friends, and family to take the Fair Trade Holiday Gift pledge before they do their holiday shopping.

To see how much fun you'll have, check out some 2008 carolers:  Montclair High School Fair Trade Club www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqAx6AfJB68 and South Bay Raging Grannies www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndCeQtqT1B0.  

Fair Trade Holiday Caroling is a great way to make a difference for Fair Trade artisans and farmers because it gives you a fun and entertaining way to educate neighbors who may never have heard about Fair Trade, and then ask them to commit to real action through the Fair Trade New Year's Resolution in the Fair Trade Holiday Caroling Toolkit.

This year we have two exciting announcements:

Virtual caroling!!!  

In addition to caroling door-to-door, we invite you to use the Fair Trade Holiday Caroling Toolkit to create a Fair Trade caroling video or audio message to email to your friends and family!  Post your videos at http://www.youtube.com/group/ftholidaycaroling and send your MP3's to fairtrade@globalexchange.org to be uploaded on the website.

Fair Trade Holiday Caroling CONTEST!!!

We are looking for the best Fair Trade Holiday Caroling:

  • MP3
  • Photo and 500-word story about your caroling experience

The winner in each category will receive:

Door-to-door, holiday event, and online carolers are all eligible in each of these categories! Groups of carolers can enter in multiple categories.

(Everyone is welcome to submit video's, MP3's, and photos/stories, but you must have a US shipping address to be eligible for prizes.)

The Fair Trade Holiday Gift Challenge and Fair Trade Holiday Caroling are programs launched by Global Exchange's Fair Trade Campaign, in partnership with our organization and others across the country.

Thank you for spreading the joy around the world this holiday season with Fair Trade!  Please forward this email to everyone you know!

PS:  Write your own Fair Trade Holiday Carols, send them in, and we'll publish them online, and possibly in our next pdf songbook!  Visit www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/fairtrade/cocoa/carols.html for more details.

Visit these websites to find out where to buy Fair Trade Holiday gifts and make your own Fair Trade holiday gift wishlist!

Fair Trade Holiday Caroling contest prize contributors and other supporters that make Fair Trade Holiday Caroling possible:

  • Worker cooperative/Fair Trade pioneer Equal Exchange is proud to use exclusively Fair Trade certified, organic ingredients in their products, sourced from democratic worker cooperatives:  www.equalexchange.coop
  • The 2010 Fair Trade Calendar, filled with Fair Trade-themed color photographs, facts, etc. Proceeds benefit Fair Trade Federation & Fair Trade Resource Network:  www.fairtraderesource.org/learn-up/buy-ftrn-publications
  • Indigenous Designs, manufacturer of stylish, affordable, hand-made Fair Trade apparel; will give you an enormous 30% discount, and contribute an additional 25% to Global Exchange's Fair Trade Campaign, organizer of Fair Trade Holiday Caroling:  www.indigenousdesigns.com; discount code "global" until 12/31/09
  • Global Exchange Fair Trade online store, your source for socially conscious gifts, at www.globalexchangestore.org

You can also find extensive lists of resources where you can find Fair Trade products on these websites:

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