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Dear Global Exchange Supporter,

The situation in Honduras continues to escalate and it is the Honduran citizens that are suffering the most under the current coup regime. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have both issued reports showing a pattern of serious human rights violations under the coup regime including arbitrary detention, sexual assault, attacks on the media, excessive use of force and even deaths and possible disappearances.

Given the increasing political and economic volatility on the ground, coupled with the repression of constitutional rights such as freedom of expression and assembly, Global Exchange helped organize an emergency human rights delegation to Honduras. Facilitated by DemocracyNow! and Nonviolence International's Andres Conteris, the delegation met with various groups and people including campensino/as, lawyers, teachers, union leaders, indigenous groups, First Lady of Honduras, Mrs. Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, human rights groups and U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens. The aim of the delegation was to ensure an international presence on the ground to accompany Honduran community leaders at risk of persecution and be at hand to document human rights abuses.

After over a week of meetings and documentation, the delegation has released an exclusive Global Exchange report on the situation in Honduras since the June 28th military coup. The report includes detailed observations and findings, transcribed interviews with victims of police beatings, photos and recommended actions we can all take. The report is a testament of the need for continued pressure on the Honduran coup regime from the international community, especially the United States that their actions are unacceptable and human rights violations will not be tolerated.

Be sure to download and read the Global Exchange delegation report and see the act of citizen diplomacy in action as the participants stood in solidarity with the people of Honduras as they seek justice and a more democratic process.


Thank you, as always, for your work on behalf of peace & justice,

Global Exchange

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