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Organizing for Community Rights

By Popular Demand-One Day Democracy SCHOOL
Thought about it but couldn't get away for a whole weekend? Democracy School-that paradigm shifting, illuminating workshop that teaches a new way to confront corporate power is back by popular demand but rolled into one day!  Come join Global Exchange for a special 1-day school on November 7th, 2009 in San Francisco.

Tired of attending regulatory hearings that-at best-might make the project less horrible, but won't actually stop the toxic dump, water bottling plant or the big box store?  Weary of politicians that consistently side with corporate lobbyists to protect corporations above people or the environment?

Learn how over 125 U.S. communities have passed cutting edge laws that stop corporate assaults by asserting the rights of residents to make key decisions where they live (and to subordinate corporations to the will of the people)!  This empowering training explores the limits of conventional organizing  and offers an empowering new model that empowers citizens to assert community rights and STOP unwanted corporate projects.

Lecture covers the history of people's movements and the origins of corporate power and explores how communities in California and across the country are asserting their democratic right to be the ones to decide their futures. Cost is $65 (includes 150-page curriculum, training and breakfast). Please join us to learn how we can stop working defensively against corporate harms and take bold action to assert our rights as communities! Contact Shannon@globalexchange.org or call 415.575.5540 to learn more or register. Space is limited.

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