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Freedom From Oil

Dear Global Exchange Supporter,

Every May, Chevron holds its Annual General Meeting to report the last year's activities and prospects for the future to shareholders.

This should be a time when Chevron embraces the inevitable passing of the fossil fuel age.  It should be a time when Chevron redirects its resources to sustainable energy sources.  It should be a time when Chevron apologizes for its human rights record and compensates the people it has injured.  It should be a time for admitting mistakes and rethinking the future.

Instead, Chevron has again chosen the same tired path - a path of greenwashing, lies, extreme disregard for human rights and health, and single-minded pursuit of maximum profit even if it means the destruction of all that we value.

But this year is different in one very important way.  This year the communities impacted by Chevron's operations and the allies of those communities, including Global Exchange, won't allow Chevron's glossy annual report to go unchallenged.  This year we have banded together to tell the truth about Chevron and its activities in an unprecedented alternative annual report entitled "The True Cost of Chevron."

I will try not to get cancer.

"The True Cost of Chevron" was released today and is now available for download.  Members of impacted communities, along with Global Exchange and its allies, will be on hand at Chevron headquarters for its Annual General Meeting early in the morning on Wednesday, May 27th.  We refuse to let Chevron celebrate profitability without responsibility.  We will be there to tell the truth and report back to you.

Here's how you can be part of this growing worldwide movement.

Take Action

Watch Democracy Now.  Antonia Juhasz, the lead author of "The True Cost of Chevron" appeared on Democracy Now to discuss the alternative annual report.

Download and read the alternate report.

Read our blog reports from the action.  We will be at Chevron headquarters on Wednesday, May 27th, to confront Chevron with the truth.  Read our reports from the demonstration on our Climate Justice blog.

Donate to the report.  If you think we should do more of this kind of thing, tell us by helping us pay for the production of the "The True Cost of Chevron".  We'll even send you a hard copy signed by lead author Antonia Juhasz for a donation of $100 or more.

Thanks for everything you do to build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Global Exchange

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