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Dear Global Exchange Supporter,

Yesterday, during the first White House meeting between U.S. President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Obama successfully pressured Netanyahu to agree to peace talks. However, Netanyahu gave no indication that his government would halt settlement expansion or ease the blockade on Gaza.

Despite these promising small steps on the part of the Obama Administration, much of Washington continues to cater to AIPAC's demands for unconditional U.S. support--including over $3 billion in military aid each year--no matter the cost in civilian lives. Even after last December's Gaza invasion, Washington remains silent.

The Israeli invasion, which dropped hundreds of one-ton bombs and included the widespread use of white phosphorous, represents a level of violence and impunity that U.S. taxpayers should not accept.

At this point in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the U.S. can no longer support Israel without demanding serious movement towards peace and respect for human rights in return. The U.S. needs to help Israel understand we can no longer accept the indiscriminate killing of Palestinian civilians, nor can we accept the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip. We need a change towards a just and lasting solution.

Join the global movement actively working towards breaking the siege on Gaza, and educating U.S. citizens about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We encourage every U.S. citizen to go to Israel and Palestine, and see the facts on-the-ground.

Join Global Exchange and CODEPINK delegations to Gaza and the West Bank, and return to educate your communities.

Take Action!

Call your Congressional Representatives! Demand that Israel be held accountable for its disproportionate use of force, and use of white phosphorous in the invasion of Gaza.

Participate in Global Exchange and CODEPINK delegations to the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Israel proper. Check-out the list of delegations below!

Can't Join a Delegation? Contribute
! Donate money towards toys, school supplies, and playground equipment for children in Gaza.

2009 Delegations to Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel proper

CODEPINK delegation to Gaza through Egypt:
May 28-June 5

CODEPINK delegation to Gaza through Israel:
June 5-June 14

(we now have enough support for the Egypt trip, but we are in need of more participants and donations for the Gaza delegation through Israel)

Global Exchange delegation to the West Bank and Israel:
July 25-August 4
December 5-December 15

Global Exchange "Fair Olive Harvest" delegation to the West Bank:
October 30-November 9

Thank you, as always, for your work on behalf of peace & justice

Global Exchange

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