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Mexico News

Dear Readers,

This week Barack Obama will travel to Mexico. His trip there comes amidst a month of travels in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

In this message we offer reflections on his travels and take an extensive look at some of what we think are deeply flawed assumptions guiding current U.S. policy toward Mexico and how they shape and limit Obama's options.

•The first error is thinking that Felipe Calderón is a legitimate counterpart capable of successfully pursuing a military style "war" on drug trafficking.

•The second myth is the notion that relying on the Mexican Army to lead the fight against the cartels is a good or practical idea.

•The third illusion is that broad, genuine immigration reforms can be both won and sustained in the U.S. while Mexico's capacity to produce employment in agricultural and other key productive sectors continues to atrophy.

To continue, please read Ted Lewis's extended commentary on these topics that includes links to many other excellent articles, reports, and recent news items.


The Global Exchange Mexico Program

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