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Fair Trade - National

This is the moment we've been waiting for!  Your action today is more important than ever!!!

Visit http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/703/t/6396/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26917 to take action today.

Cadbury has announced plans to begin using Fair Trade certified cocoa in the summer of 2009 for England's leading chocolate bar, Cadbury Dairy Milk.  The significance of this fantastic news is that Cadbury is the first major chocolate brand to go Fair Trade certified with one of its main product lines, one of the goals Global Exchange and other organizations have been striving towards.  Cadbury's announcement proves what Global Exchange has been saying for years: it is viable for a major chocolate bar to go Fair Trade without passing a significant cost increase to consumers.  Congratulations on this important victory to all of you who have taken action by buying a Fair Trade certified chocolate bar or writing a letter to bring us to this moment!

The deal, which will bring the Fair Trade label to 15% of the chocolate sold in England, is welcomed by Global Exchange and our allies on both sides of the Atlantic.  Increasing the amount of chocolate sold on the Fair Trade market is an important step to improve the lives of farmers around the world.   

That doesn't mean that Cadbury is now a model of sustainability. Here in the US, Cadbury's chocolates are not Fair Trade certified. While Cadbury Green and Black's is organic, only one bar is Fair Trade Certified™ and there is no labor certification behind Cadbury's Easter Eggs, which are manufactured by Hershey Chocolate in the USA.  

Learn more about Cadbury and the cocoa industry:

By contrast, companies like Divine, Equal Exchange, Sweet Earth Chocolates, and Alter Eco have been pioneering Fair Trade and sustainable practices for decades, and are 100% Fair Trade.   

As we all know, it is critical to write companies to pressure them to improve their performance on human rights and the environment.  But it is just as important to thank companies when they make a change for the better, so that company executives can bring an outpouring of positive feedback to their boards, shareholders, and employees to sustain their new, responsible practices and promote more change.

That is why we want to urge every one of you to participate in our thank you action to Cadbury at this critical moment in time!

Please join Global Exchange and fellow members of our partner Fair Trade advocacy organizations nationwide and around the world in generating as many letters as possible to:

  • congratulate Cadbury on the Fair Trade certification of their Dairy Milk bar in the UK
  • ask Cadbury, Hershey (Cadbury's US manufacturer) and Green and Black's Organic (owned by Cadbury) to expand their commitment to Fair Trade in the United States by introducing more Fair Trade Certified products.

To take these e-actions, visit

Please also visit http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/gx/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=6571&t=ActionCenter.dwt to send a free fax asking World's Finest Chocolate to go Fair Trade!  This is also a critical moment to challenge chocolate companies in the United States to start sourcing Fair Trade cocoa, now that Cadbury has shown that it is viable.   

For your own chocolate purchases, we invite you to commit to seeking out Fair Trade chocolate for special occasions, such as Easter eggs from green business leaders like Divine Chocolate (http://www.divinechocolateusa.com/products/seasonal-items/divine-chocolate) and Sweet Earth Organic, which also has chocolate-covered matzohs (http://www.sweetearthchocolates.com/level.itml/icOid/183), instead of buying Cadbury's Crème Egg.  Fair Trade Easter chocolate is also available at http://www.globalexchangestore.org/.

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