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Dear Global Exchange Supporter,

The United States has been at war for six long years. Tomorrow, March 19th, will be the 6th anniversary of the start of an illegal war against the people of Iraq.

Throughout these years, our government lied, and disregarded human rights and the rule of law. The Iraqi death toll continues to rise, and massive destruction has left Iraq in ruins. The war has drained our national treasury while the profits of oil companies and war profiteers have soared.

Global Exchange and our partners at United For Peace and Justice call on groups large and small across the country to take public action on the 6th anniversary of the war.

We call for the war and occupation to end now and for all the troops and contractors to be brought home

Learn more about the call for local actions.

Learn more about the current situation in Iraq.

March on Wall Street! Join the April 4th national mobilization.

Thank you, as always, for your work on behalf of peace & justice.

Global Exchange

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