Ghirardelli, put a Fair Trade label on it!

Join the campaign to tell Ghirardelli to Put a Fair Trade Label on it! and certify its chocolate Fair Trade with a label. We've put together some quick and easy messages you can share on Ghirardelli's Facebook page or on your Twitter feed.
Copy and paste the message below and post it on Ghirardelli's Facebook page.

This campaign is just getting started, help us keep the pressure on Ghirardelli!

This year, we’ve emailed Ghirardelli’s headquarters over 700 times and more than 10,000 people have joined the call to ensure that the premium chocolate sold is made using certified Fair Trade cocoa.

Thousands of advocates have shared their personal messages to Ghirardelli expressing their desire to see a Fair Trade label on those chocolate products. Here are a few of those messages:

I would be more inclined to purchase Ghirardelli chocolate and persuade my friends and family to do the same if the company offered a certified Fair Trade chocolate. 
David K.

Fair trade is the only fair chocolate. We have stopped buying Ghirardelli because it is not fair trade. Do the right thing and get certified so my family can enjoy your excellent chocolate again.
Eliot S.

I like Ghirardelli chocolates. They taste wonderful and they are made in the USA, so even if they cost a little more, I often buy Ghirardelli. I can't promote this company with my friends and co-workers (ex-coworkers, I am retired) if their chocolate is not fair trade. Put a label on it, continue to make it in the U.S.A. and people I know will continue to buy it.
Linda Joan W.

I have fond memories of watching that chocolate being blended in the Ghirardelli Square Ice cream shop....and eating my favorite Emperor Norton sundae. I have eaten your chocolate for nearly 50 years! I await a label on your chocolate showing concern for those who help produce it. Until then, I am eating less chocolate and searching for labels that let me know my purchase is not causing harm.
Ann W.

I live in the SF bay area and recently was in charge of sending gift boxes packed with specialty items from our local area to business people from out of the state. I really wanted to include Ghirardelli chocolates, but passed them by because I couldn't send out chocolates that had human slavery in its supply chain. Please support the value of human life and we will support the wonderful chocolate factory you have always been.
Karen N.

How I miss the sweet smell emanating from the Ghirardelli factory in my hometown of San Leandro. I am very proud to tell folks that it is the best chocolate around, and that is but one of the reasons. I urge you to make me even more proud of your brand by supporting fair trade practices.
Jamie R.


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