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News and Action Join our flagship list and once a week you’ll receive hard hitting, timely action alerts, updates on our program work, opportunities to travel on reality tours, thought pieces from our campaigners and co-founders Medea Benjamin and Kevin Danaher and notices about great upcoming events such as the Green Festivals and our annual Human Rights Awards.

People Power Not Corporate Power

Community Rights Join our bi-monthly list for a bulletin of rights-based organizing in California, the US and international!

Elect Democracy! We know Democracy belongs to the people, not the highest bidder. Our feisty new Elect Democracy campaign will be challenging the corruption of big bank campaign contributions to Congress. It’s time to show the 1% what democracy really looks like. This list will send updates and action alerts from our latest campaign to Elect Democracy.

Freedom from Oil Join our bi-monthly list for updates on our programs to end America's oil addiction and action alerts on how we can kick the petroleum habit. Information about our effort to hold big oil accountable for their activities, promote green energy generation and build the local green economy are posted here.

Economic Activism for Palestine Join our monthly list for information about the corporations around us that are directly complicit in the occupation of Palestine, with updates about different initiatives you can join and support in order to effectively change corporate activities (and corporate profit) in Palestine.

Building Positive Alternatives

Fair Trade Join our weekly list for updates on our Fair Trade cocoa campaign as well as other news from the Fair Trade movement.

Peace, Democracy, Human Rights

Cuba News Join our monthly list for updates on legislative action alerts, opportunities to visit Cuba, breaking news regarding US-Cuba relations and our work to end the travel ban. For more info, see our Cuba Campaign.

Mexico News Join our bi-monthly list for updates and action alerts from our Mexico Program.

What About Peace? What About Peace? is an international contest for high school students expressing ideas and thoughts about peace. Join the list to find out more.

Get Involved

Bay Area Events Join our weekly local list for information on events in the San Francisco Bay Area. For daily updates, visit the Bay Area Event webpage.

Bay Area Fair Trade Store Live in the Bay Area? Join our Bay Area Fair Trade Store list to learn more about how you can support Fair Trade artisans around the world with updates on special discounts, insider-only promotions, new Fair Trade products and information about Fair Trade producers. For store locations, visit the Store listings page.

Reality Tours Join our monthly list for articles from recent travelers from Global Exchange Reality Tours, as well as updates about upcoming opportunities to travel with Global Exchange.

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