Two weeks ago, hundreds of participants from nearly all 50 states mailed “Do Not Disturb Democracy” door hanger to their Representatives and Senators in Washington, DC. Our goal is to ‘help’ elected officials to keep corporate lobbyists OUT of their offices in order to protect our democracy from undue lobbyist influence.

Here are the three most important things to discuss during the call:

  • Has the office received the ‘Do Not Disturb Democracy’ door hanger?
  • Will they display their door hanger? Why or why not?
  • Does this elected official have a public position on money in politics?

More info.

Good Morning/Afternoon, My name is ____ and I live in ______.

I had a few quick questions to ask, do you have a moment?

Ok, great. Two weeks ago, over 600 door hangers were mailed to members of Congress by an organization I work with called Global Exchange. One of the doorhangers sent was on my behalf to Sen/Rep________. The text on the door hanger says, “Attention Corporate Lobbyists: Do Not Disturb Democracy.” I am hoping Sen/Rep ________ has displayed this door hanger on their office door to show their commitment to constituents like me.

So, first I’d just like to check and ask:
• Has your office has received your “Do Not Disturb Democracy” door hanger?
   IF YES: Great, I’m glad to hear that....
   IF NO: Ok, well, I’m sure it will arrive soon. Once it arrives...

• ...Will the door hanger be displayed?
   If YES: That’s fantastic. It really means a lot to voters that our Sen/Rep is willing to stand up to corporate lobbyists, and represent US. That’s a healthy democracy.
   If NO: That is disappointing. Can you state why they declined to hang the door hanger? (write down the answer)

• Alright. I just have one more question.
As you probably know, money in politics is becoming a huge issue, and some elected officials have not stated their position on money in politics.
• Does Sen/Rep ____ have a public position on money in politics?
   If YES: Great. Where can I find a record of that? (write down)
   If NO: Can you please inform Sen/Rep that constituents like me want a public statement their position on money in politics, and we want them to be transparent about how much time they spend with corporate lobbyists. Voters have a right to know. I would appreciate an answer in writing.

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate you speaking to me and answering these questions.