Raise the Bar on Chocolate Fundraising

You've convinced Hershey's to Raise the Bar, now it's time for World's Finest Chocolate to go Fair Trade Certified!

World’s Finest Chocolate, based in Chicago, is the leading manufacturer of chocolate for school, church and community fundraising. But being the “finest” requires a true commitment to fairness.

As a company dedicated to raising funds for children’s programs through their candy bar sales program, it's time to ensure the safety and well-being of children all over the world by making a commitment to Fair Trade.

Send them a letter and urge them to GO FAIR TRADE!

Mr. Edmond Opler

World's Finest Chocolate
4801 S. Lawndale
Chicago, IL 60632-3062

You can also download the color-in postcard petition and send them a special Valentine urging them to go Fair Trade.