Our Democracy is Not for Sale!

Wall Street has spent over $1,331 per minute ($4.2 billion!) buying power and influence in DC. The largest campaign contributions to Congressional candidates of both parties consistently come from the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate industry (the FIRE sector, which includes big banks), the very corporations that lobby for deregulation in favor of casino capitalism, foreclose on the homes of veterans and families, chain students to five-figure student debt, lobbies against affordable healthcare, war-mongering and pushes harmful international free trade agreements. We must sever the finance sector’s stranglehold over our own democracy.

It is up to us to stop corporate money from drowning out the needs of the 99%.

Sign our petition to fill up the inboxes of Wall Street’s top-contributing money mongers with the truth: Our Democracy is Not for Sale!

Hey Wall Street – back off! Between 2006-2012, your industry has spent over $1,331 per minute ($4.2 billion!) buying power and influence in DC. Once in office, bought-and-sold legislators approve corporate-drafted policies that whittle away at our country’s safety nets and vital programs and instead fund bailouts that end up in big bank boss bonuses. Stop buying power over our elected leaders to pad your profits at our expense. Our Democracy is NOT for Sale!
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  • Elect Democracy! We know Democracy belongs to the people, not the highest bidder. We must act now to ensure those who are elected respect and represent the 99%. Occupy our elections...Elect Democracy!