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Dear Friends,

As Global Exchange's new Chevron Program director, I'm excited to be coming to your area for a series of public events introducing the Chevron Program and the new paperback release of my book, The Tyranny of Oil: the World's Most Powerful Industry--And What We Must Do To Stop It (HarperCollins). It was originally published in October 2008 and has been updated with a new preface for the Dec. 8 release on "Big Oil, the Presidency of Barack Obama and the Financial Collapse."

I was also recently named to the National Advisory Board of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Global Exchange is thrilled to be co-hosting many of these events with, and as fundraisers for, IVAW.

Washington, DC Dec. 7 - Bus Boys & Poets at 8pm with the President of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions, Hassan Jumaa Awad al Assadi and Geoff Millard, Chair of the National Board of Directors of IVAW. This event is co-hosted by U.S. Labor Against the War.

NYC - Dec. 8 - Book Event, Party & Fundraiser! co-hosted by The Yes Men, the Washington Peace Center, and IVAW at 7pm at 8 Mile Creek. A fundraiser for both IVAW and several other peace groups. The talk is at 7pm and we get 5% of the bar all night, so we're staying as long as people keep drinking and having fun!

Washington, DC Dec. 10 - in honor of International Human Rights Day  at Noon. A panel on human rights and Chevron's operations in Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Burma, and elsewhere, special guest, Kerry Kennedy. Co-hosted by Earthrights International, Crude Accountability, Justice in Nigeria Now, and the Institute for Policy Studies.

I then head to Killeen (Under the Hood Cafe at Ft. Hood), Austin, Houston, Dallas and then Los Angeles!
Please pass along this email to people in these areas and encourage people to come out!

In addition to doing events with IVAW, as critical international climate change negotiations begin in Copenhagen, I'll be taking a "Chevron toxic tour" across the U.S. meeting with local groups struggling against Chevron in their communities and linking them to our broader campaign.

See the Events section at www.globalexchange.org/chevron for the full (and frequently updated) tour schedule!

Please help us spread the word by sharing this email, posting on your Facebook page, calling friends and colleagues, and coming out to an event!

If you come to an event, please purchase your book from the independent booksellers there!

You can also purchase the book right now for more than $5.00 off the cover price on Amazon and you can pre-order from your favorite local independent bookseller.

The Chevron Program at Global Exchange links communities across California, the U.S. and the world to expose the true cost of Chevron and reign in the entire oil industry.

Join us!

Thank you!

Antonia Juhasz
Director, The Chevron Program

* * * *

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