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Critically Acclaimed Documentary Takes on Chevron - Supports Amazonian Resistance
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In recent weeks Chevron has launched a massive, shameless public relations campaign, designed to derail the long-running trial in Ecuador where Chevron is facing a $27 billion liability.  Read Chevron's Dirty Tricks Operation in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

And of course it comes at a suspicious time, just as the powerful new documentary about Chevron's disaster in Ecuador, CRUDE, is heating up after its theatrical premiere in New York last week.  Read the New York Times review, "Big Oil's Stain in the Amazon."

The new inspiring documentary CRUDE presents a major opportunity to create massive awareness in the United States (and across the world) about Chevron's environmental disaster in Ecuador and the inspiring struggle of thousands of indigenous peoples and campesinos.  We're asking for your support in helping us build momentum for this campaign.  

CRUDE is coming to San Francisco and Berkeley for a one week run (potentially longer if we pack the house!) from Friday, September 25th to Thursday, October 1st. 

How to Support
*Attend the Premiere:  On September 25th in San Francisco, Amazon Watch is throwing a Benefit Party and Premiere Screening of CRUDE at the Landmark Lumiere.  This is a fundraiser for the campaign so please come and support the critically important work being done by Amazon Watch day-in and day-out to bring Chevron to account. See http://chevrontoxico.com/crude/sf/

*Attend Other Screenings:  Amazon Watch is hoping to pack the house day and night for the full week run.  In addition, the screening on the 26th at the Lumiere benefits the 5th Annual CounterCorp Anti-Corporate Film Festival, which takes place in May 2010. Purchase tickets at: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/82794

*Spread the Word: Invite your friends - spread the word on social networking sites, twitter, etc.

*Volunteer:  Amazon Watch is looking for help.  If you volunteer to table for two screenings (one single evening), they will provide you with a ticket to attend a screening.  To volunteer    Jill@amazonwatch.org 

See for Yourself

*Join Global Exchange's Reality Tour to Ecuador: November 21-29, join Antonia Juhasz, Director of the Chevron Program at Global Exchange on a reality tour to Ecuador.

Read More:

*Download The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report to learn more about the case in Ecuador and Chevron's crimes (and the movements organized against them) around the nation and the world.

Thank you.

Antonia Juhasz, Director, The Chevron Program, Global Exchange

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