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Dear Global Exchange Supporter,

We at Global Exchange know that the world must move rapidly away from oil as an energy resource to save our climate, protect democracy, and stop current and future wars for oil.

In the U.S. alone, petroleum accounts for more than 40% of total CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion (the burning of fuels, including coal, oil, and natural gas to produce energy and to power vehicles) - more than any other fuel.

But, for as long as the world continues to use oil, there will be steep costs born by those communities that live and work at the points of oil exploration, production, transport, refining, selling and disposal. Far too often, these costs are unnoticed and unheeded by any outside of those immediate communities who are then left to do battle against the wealthiest most powerful corporations on the planet in virtual isolation and often with little success. All of us, however, pay for the subsequent wars, gross human rights abuses, pollution, climate destruction, economic injustice, and political inequality when these local communities lose.

Riding on a 25% increase in revenues, in 2009, San Ramon-based Chevron moved from the sixth to the fifth largest global corporation in the world. Only 36 countries on the planet had GDPs larger than Chevron's $263 billion in 2008 revenues. But while Chevron is one of the world's most powerful corporations, it is also the target of one of the most organized resistance movements in the world. Both Global Exchange and I are proud members of this movement.

Building over the past decade, Chevron-affected communities from California, Ecuador, Burma, the Philippines, Nigeria, Iraq, and beyond, have increasingly worked in coordination to build an advocacy network on behalf of policies that will hold Chevron in far greater check.

The new Chevron Program at Global Exchange will work to expand, strengthen, and highlight this movement. We will seek to build more allies and create a powerful advocacy base for real policy changes that will apply to the entire oil industry, such that, for as long as we continue to use oil, its operations will be as clean, safe, humane, just, and equitable as possible. We will also help put a human face on the true cost of oil, thereby strengthening the movement away from oil as an energy source altogether.

I am proud to be joining the Global Exchange team as Director of this new and exciting program!

In Solidarity,

Antonia Juhasz
The Chevron Program

Will you join us?


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Visit our new website (still under construction) for more information.

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