The Peace Alliance

Tell Congress & President: Make Peacebuilding a National Priority!

Early advocates of celebrating Mother's Day in the United States envisioned it as a day of peace, to honor and support mothers who had lost sons and husbands to the carnage of the Civil War.  This May, at a time when our country is engaged in costly wars abroad and our many of our own communities are torn apart by violence and over-incarceration, it's time for Mother's Day to return to its roots

In this spirit, join with us as we ask our elected officials to co-sponsor and actively push for key peacebuilding initatives currently before Congress: 1) Youth PROMISE Act; 2) U.S. Department of Peacebuilding; 3) International peacebuilding budget priorities: U.S. Institute of Peace, the Complex Crises Fund, and the Conflict Stabilization Operations Bureau.

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