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Become a Member of the Stop the Frack Attack Network

The Stop the Frack Attack Network is made up of over 130 national, regional, and grassroots organizations working to improve the lives of people impacted by oil and gas development, or soon to be impacted, across the United States. Our power comes from this diverse membership base, and it's expanding every day. The Stop the Frack Attack Network seeks to be a movement hub, bringing together diverse groups working on issues related to fracking. We welcome groups who are calling for a ban, as well as those pushing for stronger regulations.

Benefits of becoming a Member Group:

  1. Being a part of a movement hub allows you to coordinate with other groups working on oil and gas drilling.
  2. Access to the Stop the Frack Attack Network membership list allows you to grow your campaigns and build your grassroots presence.
  3. Our Media Working Group will highlight your work both within the Network and publicly.
  4. Collaboration on a national level helps make our movement stronger.