Stop Runaway Oil Trains!

Sometimes communities don’t know that mile long, 100 car trains hauling explosive crude oil are barreling down the tracks until they feel the vibrations.

DOT-111 legacy train cars were built decades ago to haul corn syrup and other harmless commodities, but now they’re towing fracked oil.

These ill equipped train cars are putting our communities at risk: last year alone they spilt more crude oil than in the previous forty years combined.

Lynchburg, Virginia

Last summer, one of these legacy trains carrying North Dakota Bakken crude derailed in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, leveling buildings and killing 47 people. Since then there have been dozens of train derailments and tanker car explosions across the continent, including just this April in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia.

The National Transportation Safety Board has known for decades that these outdated DOT-111 train cars carrying crude oil create an enormous hazard and have a tendency to puncture when they derail. It’s time we tell the Secretary of Transportation to stop to these trains!

TAKE ACTION: Tell Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx to stop putting communities at risk by sending fracked oil by rail.


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