Protect the Chaco Culture's Ancient Roads and Sites

The area surrounding Chaco Culture National Historic Park, in northwestern New Mexico, is under threat from fracking.

Your help is needed to send Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell a message, loud and clear, that sacred sites and ancient roads constructed a thousand years ago by ancestral Pueblo people (also known as Anasazi) should not be fracked.

Send a letter to Secretary Jewell urging protection of the lands near Chaco!

To get a sense of what's at stake, watch this amazing 4 minute film -- narrated by Peter Coyote, with the insights of Puebloan descendants and stunning aerial images of Chacoan sites -- from the upcoming documentary Written On The Landscape: Mysteries Beyond Chaco Canyon by the folks at the Solstice Project.

Watch the stunning 4 minute film showing what's at stake.

We think you'll agree that these lands are far too important to frack at will. Unfortunately, the Bureau of Land Management, who oversees much of the surrounding landscape, appears ready and willing to approve permits to drill where they don't belong.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Secretary Jewell to protect Chaco National Historic Park from fracking! 


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