Make mining companies, not taxpayers, pay for mine cleanup!

Tell your Member of Congress to
protect taxpayers from mine cleanup costs.

Perpetual Water Pollution puts Taxpayers at Risk
There’s no doubt that mining is a dirty business. It’s the nation’s leading source of toxic pollution. That’s why mining companies are supposed to provide money “up front” to cover the cost of cleanup if the company can’t, or won’t, pay.

Acid mine drainage collection pond at Summitville mine Superfund site. Cleanup
at Summitville has cost taxpayers $200 million+ and counting, exactly the kind
of cost EPA's CERCLA bonding would prevent.

Bad Bill Will Weaken Community Protections
Now, a bill has been introduced to keep the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from requiring a financial assurance/bond for the potential worst-case mining cleanup scenario: a mine that perpetually pollutes water or for other reasons becomes a Superfund site.

HR 2279 leaves communities unprotected and taxpayers potentially liable for billions of dollars of mine cleanup.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to oppose HR 2279, and make mining companies -- not taxpayers -- pay for expensive mine cleanup.

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