Protect Public Lands and Public Health from Dirty Drilling

Tell the BLM to Listen to People, Not the Oil and Gas Industry

You can help protect public lands and nearby communities from dirty and unsafe fracking.

Whether we like it or not (and we don’t), oil and gas drilling, including fracking, is happening on public lands and public minerals across the country, especially in the West.

This not only impacts the water, wildlife and air quality of our National Forests and other public lands, it also impacts the families who own the surface of the land they live on, but not the minerals underneath.

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Is this the future of Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

Strong rules for drilling on public lands are the only way to protect the health and welfare of these “split estate” owners who have no control over the oil and gas beneath their homes.

The BLM is deciding what rules will govern fracking on public lands, and the proposed rules do little to protect public health, air, water, wildlife and recreation on and around your public lands.

It’s time to speak up and tell the Obama administration to listen to the people, not the oil and gas industry.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Bureau of Land Management to protect public health and public lands.

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