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Contact your Representative now to stop the Oak Flat land Exchange

Save Oak Flat now! 

Once again we must act swiftly and decisively to stop the Oak Flat land exchange.  This is the 12th version of the land exchange that Rio Tinto (a huge foreign mining company) has convinced Arizona members of Congress to introduce on their behalf, and is every bit as bad as HR 1904.  

The Natural Resources Committee of the US House of Representatives has scheduled a Committee markup of HR 687 (the Oak Flat land exchange) for May 15.

Please contact your Representative now and ask him/her to vote no on the Oak Flat land exchange (HR 687).

There are many reasons that this bill is a bad idea and should never have been reintroduced.  Now that is has, we must stop this bill as we have stopped the previous 11.

Please use the form below to contact your Representative and tell him or her to vote no on HR 687, the Oak Flat land exchange.

The Oak Flat land exchange would:

  • The Oak Flat land exchange (HR 687) would be the only bill that would turn over a Native American sacred site on public land to foreign mining companies and is opposed by every Indian Tribe in the United States.
  • The Oak Flat land exchange (HR 687) would be the largest loss of public lands recreational climbing opportunities in history and is opposed by the Access Fund and other organizations that care about maintaining recreational opportunities on public land.
  • The Oak Flat land exchange (HR 687) bypasses the normal process of permitting mines on public lands, avoids the NEPA process, and would destroy wildlife habitat and clean water resources.
  • The Oak Flat land exchange (HR 687) would benefit only two huge foreign mining companies at the expense of Arizona’s clean water, recreation, and economy.

The playing field has changed dramatically even since this version of the Oak Flat land exchange was introduced in February.  The land exchange is opposed by every Native American Tribe, village, and pueblo in the US and is widely opposed by conservation, recreation, faith, and historical preservation organizations.  In addition, the towns of Superior and Queen Valley, the two towns nearest to Oak Flat, oppose the Oak Flat land exchange.

For the first time, Rio Tinto has admitted it may not go through with a mine at Oak Flat and has listed five reasons that a mine may never happen:

  • The land exchange doesn't pass
  • Rio Tinto does not receive permits for a mine
  • Rio Tinto cannot find a suitable place to dump toxic tailings
  • Rio Tinto does not have the support of local communities (through a "social license" to mine)
  • Rio Tinto does not have the money for the project

With all these unanswered questions even within the company itself, it makes no sense for the Us House of Representatives to approve a bill to give public land to a foreign mining company that may never use it!

Please take action now.

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