Close the loopholes and stop Keystone XL!

Exxon spilled 84,000 gallons of crude oil in Arkansas
and a legal loophole will let them get away with it

Last week a pipeline carrying tar sands oil from Canada to the US broke, spilling thousands of gallons of dirty crude in Mayflower, Arkansas.

This is the same kind of pipeline as Keystone XL, carrying the same kind of oil, and, you guessed it, the same risks.

We know pipelines break.

Instead of placing the whole burden of clean up costs on taxpayers, when a company spills oil they have to pay into the federal Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund. 

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Crude spilling through neighborhoods in Mayflower, Arkansas

But what if it isn't, technically and legally, oil?

Because tar sand oil isn't technically considered "oil" under the law, Congress and the Internal Revenue Service consider Exxon exempt from paying an 8 cents-per-barrel-spilled tax.

That's right: Exxon doesn't have to pay a dime. Taxpayers do.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Representatives and the President close the loophole and prevent more spills by stopping the Keystone XL pipeline!

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