Public health & fracking: we need good science, not secrecy!

Tell Governor Cuomo: the whole nation is watching how New York handles fracking and public health

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Governor, be careful where you open your mouth
and breathe if you permit fracking without science

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a chance to set an example for how responsible government should protect public health from fracking's impacts.

But right now, it looks like the only example he's going to set will be a bad one.

The state's health review is proceeding under a veil of secrecy, without any chance for input from health profesionals, or directly impacted communities.

To make things worse, the state is moving forward with fracking rules before the health review is even finished -- severing science from the rulemaking process.

TAKE ACTION: Let Governor Cuomo know we're watching. Urge him to release the public health review and allow public comment. Tell him he needs to keep his promise to allow the science to determine whether New York moves forward with fracking.

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Andrew Cuomo

Governor of New York