Thank jewelry companies for supporting protection of Alaska's Bristol Bay – the world’s largest wild salmon fishery!

The largest open pit mine in North America could be built at the headwaters of the world's largest remaining wild salmon fishery -- Alaska's Bristol Bay. The mine would generate as many as 10 billion tons of harmful mine waste.

Ken Morrish photo
That's one lucky bear! Photo by Ken Morrish.

Year after year, the salmon return to Bristol Bay in astounding numbers, like no other place on earth. The fishery is the region's economic engine, generating $450 million and supporting 14,000 jobs!

Bristol Bay communities are asking all jewelers to support their efforts to protect Bristol Bay, their source of sustenance and livelihood. Jewelry retailer gold demand represents 80% of annual global mine production.

Over 50 jewelry retailers have already signed the Bristol Bay Protection Pledge.

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