Oxfam Ambassador Supporting Occupation?

Call Oxfam America and leave a message for President Raymond Offenheiser or speak with his assistant. Call (800) 776-9326 then dial extension #2506 to be connected to him. Urge them to drop Scarlett Johansson as a Global Ambassador for her defense of occupation and settlements. You can also scroll down and send an email. 

On January 10, 2014, SodaStream announced that Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson had become their first-ever Global Brand Ambassador

SodaStream manufactures and distributes home carbonating devices and flavorings for soft drinks. The company’s main production site is in an illegal West Bank settlement, where the company conceals the fact that its products are manufactured in a settlement by using "Made in Israel" labels. As an Israeli settlement manufacturer, it exploits Palestinian land, resources and labor and actively supports Israel's military occupation. (Learn more here). 

Scarlett happens to be a Global Ambassador for Oxfam International, which considers settlements to be a major barrier to peace and contributor to poverty. 

Following international outcry, Oxfam stated that it was engaged in a dialogue with the actress. But on January 24, Scarlett released a statement whitewashing SodaStream's complicity in Israel's brutal military occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands and parroting SodaStream propaganda that the company is "building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine." 

Send en email below to Oxfam America President Offenheiser urging Oxfam to take action and end its relationship with the actress to send the message that supporting companies that profit from occupation and human rights abuses is unacceptable. In October 2012, Oxfam Italy cut its ties with Paola Maugeri over her role as a SodaStream PR Ambassador. In 2009, Oxfam International cut ties with Sex and the City star Kristin Davis over her role as spokesperson for cosmetics company Ahava, another Israeli settlement manufacturer.

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This action is no longer active.

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