Help Free Ahmed Qatamesh

Ahmed Qatamesh needs your support. This 62-year-old Palestinian academic has been jailed by Israel under “administrative detention”—its policy of holding people without charge or trial—for more than two years. He is suffering from an undiagnosed illness that is causing nausea and faintness, and Israel has not allowed his request to see an independent doctor.  

Amnesty International (AI) has declared Ahmed to be a “prisoner of conscience” and demanded his immediate, unconditional release. There being “no apparent reason to hold him,” AI “believes he is being held to suppress his views and to deter political activities by other Palestinian left-wing activists.”

The Lantos Human Rights Commission has called on Representatives to “adopt” prisoners of conscience around the world and advocate for their release. Please take a moment to call and write your Representative and ask him/her to “adopt” Ahmed Qatamesh and speak out against Israel’s human rights abuses of Palestinian political prisoners.