Reject the Keystone XL!

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3601 4 weeks ago K. Arnone
3600 1 month ago K. Arnone
3599 1 month ago Guy Gambill
3598 1 month ago lori hemminger no keystone, no risks to U.S. citizens!!!!!!! I say no to their lies and their pipelines!!! my name is lori hemminger i would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
3597 2 months ago Christine Lund As long as the executives and their families also live on that property surrounding the plant, will I think it is just the corporations' fault. Their profit is measured against the death of not jus...
3596 3 months ago Anonymous
3595 3 months ago Anonymous Respect the rights of the land owners. TransCanada should not have the power to poison America, the private property of American citizens.
3594 3 months ago Jim Head
3592 4 months ago Jeffery Wyatt
3591 4 months ago Zanna Tangen NO
3590 4 months ago R Keith It's not about if the pipeline will leak, to me it's more about when and where will the leak begin? It will leak, they always do.
3589 4 months ago JeriLynn Dringenberg Very bad idea, just say NO!
3588 5 months ago Richard Clemens
3587 5 months ago Anonymous In this age of still-rising CO2 emissions and the resulting, clearly known dangers of global warming, it is nothing but a selfish act of suicide for Canada to thumb its nose at the warnings from the...
3586 5 months ago David Gray The XL Pipeline is more of a pipe DREAM! This is harvesting bottom of the barrel oil deposits. It will be tracked right through the heartland of the US, with very little regard for the safety of s...
3585 5 months ago Anonymous very bad idea
3584 5 months ago Ethel Wheeler
3583 5 months ago Harry Efz Pipeline is a terrible idea, with unknown risks.
3582 5 months ago sukhjeet grewal Enough damaging the planet. I wonder where the hell would corporates take all that money when there is no Planet left to enjoy that. Our Future generations are doomed if something is not done right ...
3581 5 months ago Anonymous
3580 5 months ago dian Bad bad idea.
3579 6 months ago Tanya Dobbs Renewable Energy Now!
3578 6 months ago Anonymous Focusing on this dangerous band aid in place of focusing on renewable energy is the same Wall Street mentality that so many leaders are following. Thus President Eisenhower warned of the military-in...
3577 6 months ago Anonymous
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