Reject the Keystone XL!

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3614 3 days ago Hugh McCullough With climate change already prevalent why accelerate the process?
3613 4 days ago Kathy Walburn How many jobs were created from Phases 1-3? Too little information is given to justify the Phase 4 plan. Oil is out-dated!
3612 4 days ago Andy Kane According to an article I read yesterday, the CEO of Trans Canada, the company who wants the pipeline built here stated that once completed there would be a maximum of fifty, (50), full time...
3611 4 days ago Barbara Keene It must be cheaper to put the pipeline in the US instead of Canada. We shouldn't have to take all the risks while Canada and the Koch Bros. make all the profits. We don't need our land and aquifers ...
3610 4 days ago Dominique Ellis Your killing us and you don't care. Money is a currency you can't eat it or drink it let alone breathe it
3609 4 days ago Richard Adlof
3608 4 days ago Michael Leavy
3607 4 days ago Alan Grant The proposed pipeline is a rape of the earth. The GOP lies are evident in their promise of job creation. There will only be 45, that's right, forty-five) permanent jobs created. There is no p...
3606 6 days ago Daniel Bryant I'm urging the rejection of this pipeline because it jeopardizes American agricultural jobs and endangers a major aquifer.
3605 1 week ago Roberta Conefrey Tell Canada to move their tar-sands across their own country.
3604 1 week ago Anonymous
3603 1 week ago Arne Nyen KXL is a suicidal mission to make the rich richer.
3602 1 week ago Wallace Nancy
3601 1 month ago K. Arnone
3600 1 month ago K. Arnone
3599 3 months ago Guy Gambill
3598 3 months ago lori hemminger no keystone, no risks to U.S. citizens!!!!!!! I say no to their lies and their pipelines!!! my name is lori hemminger i would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
3597 3 months ago Christine Lund As long as the executives and their families also live on that property surrounding the plant, will I think it is just the corporations' fault. Their profit is measured against the death of not jus...
3596 4 months ago Anonymous
3595 4 months ago Anonymous Respect the rights of the land owners. TransCanada should not have the power to poison America, the private property of American citizens.
3594 4 months ago Jim Head
3592 5 months ago Jeffery Wyatt
3591 5 months ago Zanna Tangen NO
3590 5 months ago R Keith It's not about if the pipeline will leak, to me it's more about when and where will the leak begin? It will leak, they always do.
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