Reject the Keystone XL!

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3653 18 hours ago Sigrid Bell Clean Water & Clean Air
3652 1 day ago Sharon Graff
3651 1 day ago Mary Lou Francis
3649 2 days ago Anonymous The pipeline is Not going to help America or really produce more then a few jobs for Americans. The dangers represented by running this pipeline over American soil and the Aquifer that gives much of...
3648 2 days ago Anonymous Stop the MADNESSSSSS
3647 2 days ago Anonymous The Keystone XL is a mistake. Canada has destroyed their environment, and now the Republicans want to destroy ours. And for what? So Fossil Fuel Industries can continue to profit?
3646 3 days ago Michael Vaupel
3645 3 days ago Andrew Covino I want generations after us to have a cleaner environment in which to live. I don't want them to pay for our mistakes which the KXL pipeline would most definitely be.
3644 3 days ago Nathan Messer Keystone XL is so 50 years ago
3643 3 days ago Anonymous
3642 3 days ago aimee lesperance NO! This has NO positives for america, only negatives.
3641 3 days ago Mykul Saijoo reject kxl
3640 3 days ago michael flynn I'm ready to go help the Indians,STOP THE DAMN THING..
3639 3 days ago michael flynn I'm ready to go help the Indians,STOP THE DAMN THING..
3638 3 days ago Daniel Crawford
3637 3 days ago Lisa Childs
3636 3 days ago Stuart Chandler KXL is indeed Extreamly Lethal: for all life, and that means You and I.
3635 3 days ago James Grose
3634 3 days ago Sharon McCord
3633 3 days ago Anonymous hope this works....
3632 3 days ago janelle himmel
3631 3 days ago Anonymous
3630 3 days ago Judd Leach
3629 3 days ago Janus Matthes We will be officially a third world country if Keystone goes through. The use of eminent domain for a foreign corporation to take private lands is a form of treason. We get all the pollution and mor...
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