Reject the Keystone XL!

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3688 4 days ago Haelyn Hellem We do not need this and we also don't need the Trans Pacific Partnership. They are both bad for America!!!
3687 1 week ago Barbara Stakes We must stop this dirty oil. It's going to ruin the water supply for the 'bread basket' of the country!
And that's just for starters.
3686 2 weeks ago Robin Cicchetti Please don't ruin AMERICA!!
3685 2 weeks ago Lisa Barker Invest the money in new energy infrastructure! Forget transporting the dirtiest oil from Canada... makes no sense, really.
3684 2 weeks ago Louise Tate We all need clean air and clean water much more than the billionaires need more, more, more. Stop Keystone XL.
3683 3 weeks ago Michael Liepshutz
3682 3 weeks ago Anonymous
3681 3 weeks ago Yolanda Ulloa
3680 3 weeks ago Lee Richardson
3679 3 weeks ago James Nelson The answer is renewable
3678 3 weeks ago Khat Baker SPARE U.S. Stop with your greed, it's not becoming. Anyways how much is enough? Don't you think you have more than what you need? Do something truly wonderful for this World and stop thinking wit...
3677 3 weeks ago robert kaplan
3676 3 weeks ago Sylvia Forte No permanent benefits, just risks.
3675 3 weeks ago Kathleen Holmes I just don't understand how anyone thinks this is a good idea. The whole idea frightens me.
3674 3 weeks ago ROD DAVIS
3673 3 weeks ago Georgia Kimble
3672 3 weeks ago Laura Lyons There is no long-term plan for the project. What happens to the the surface of the earth and to,our water supply in 25, 50, 200 years as a result of fracking? Who owns the crumbling remains of the p...
3671 3 weeks ago Anonymous Economically, environmentally, and practically this makes no sense. The price of oil is plateauing anyways. How about those american citizens that will be forced off their land to make room for it...
3670 3 weeks ago Barbara Savage
3669 3 weeks ago Robert Van Wagoner
3668 3 weeks ago Lawrence Henderson
3667 3 weeks ago Christopher Van Wickler I'd kinda like to live a full life on the only planet we have without the environment falling apart.
3666 3 weeks ago sarah price Please lets stop this ....We need to harness other less environmentally destructive ways of making our cars go
3665 3 weeks ago John French
3664 3 weeks ago Deborah Bratcher
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