Tell the USDA: Schools should be commercial-free

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed new guidelines that could help limit junk food marketing in schools. It’s a laudable effort -- but there’s a problem. As written, the USDA’s guidelines inadvertently open the door for increased advertising and marketing in schools -- the first time any federal agency has done so.
The USDA is urging schools only to limit junk food marketing. By attempting to set a ceiling that prohibits advertising for unhealthy foods, the USDA may set a floor that opens the floodgates for many other types of marketing in schools, setting a dangerous precedent that goes far beyond food.

Please urge the USDA to encourage schools to prohibit all advertising by adding your name to the public comment below.

Please note: Comments and signatures may be published on the USDA’s website.

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1320 1 day ago Anne Marquardt Belmont, CA
1319 3 days ago Anonymous bellingham, WA
1318 4 weeks ago Laura Ghiron Davis, CA
1317 4 weeks ago Anonymous La Canada, CA
1316 1 month ago Brandy Todd Fort Wayne , IN
1315 1 month ago valerie gaimon Austin, TX
1314 2 months ago sherry lyons chelsea, MA
1313 3 months ago Angella Beardsley Grand Blanc, MI
1312 3 months ago Anonymous DeKalb, IL Face facts: schools should be commercial-free!
1311 3 months ago Taylor Youngblood Austin, TX
1310 3 months ago dan oconnell rutland, VT The most non-critical students will rhink "This [ garbage ] must be good to eat, School said so."
1309 3 months ago Anonymous Washington, DC Please don't sell our children to corporate marketers.
1308 3 months ago Michael Callaway Upland, CA
1307 3 months ago Anonymous Arlington, MA
1306 3 months ago Anonymous Mesa, AZ
1305 4 months ago Anonymous Hamilton, ON
1304 4 months ago Nancy Artz Cumberland, ME
1303 4 months ago Azadeh Block Pittsburgh, PA
1302 4 months ago mary napoli hummelstown, PA
1301 4 months ago Lynda Willson Shelburne Falls, MA
1300 4 months ago stef tousignant San Francisco, CA
1299 4 months ago Julie Ross Dallas, TX
1298 4 months ago Kristen Koss Tulsa, OK
1297 4 months ago Howard Cohen Palo Alto, CA
1296 4 months ago Jennifer Gamble Raleigh, NC
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