Tell the Girl Scouts: Don't Partner with Barbie

"Girl Scouts should be a safe place for girls to be who they are and not be fed images of corporate falsehoods on who they should be."  -- Christie Parker, Troop Leader

The Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), the world’s largest girls’ leadership development organization, received $2 million from Mattel to promote Barbie to young girls. The partnership includes a Barbie-branded website,  the first ever commercialized participation patch for Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies, and a Barbie Girl Scout Doll.

Holding Barbie up as a role model for young girls is harmful and undermines the GSUSA’s vital mission “build girls of courage, confidence, and character.” Please join CCFC & Center for a New American Dream in urging GSUSA’s CEO Anna Marie Chavez to end this partnership and focus on providing enriching experiences for girls that foster healthy development.*

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6080 1 day ago Anonymous Bulverde, TN I will strongly encourage every single Girl Scout leader and parent I know to refuse to allow their Scouts to "earn" the Barbie patch.
6079 1 day ago Maressa Vento Milwaukee, WI My Girl Scout will not be donning a Barbie badge. This commercial partnership calls into question the integrity the Girl Scouts have so beautifully built up in their organization and their members.
6078 3 days ago Sharon Crocker San Jose, CA My granfddaughter is a Daisy and I had no idea that Girl Scouts is promoting Barbie; promoting it is and, like most advertising, it's sneaky. Young girls should not have this model thrust at them by...
6077 1 week ago Anita Beth Carl VT Girls Scouts should be commercial-free! (They can make their own commercials!)
Thank God I got to be one before this crap came into play.
6076 1 week ago Anonymous bellingham, WA
6075 1 week ago Nicole Madden Plymouth, NH
6074 1 week ago Anonymous Santa Barbara, CA I was a girl scout, and I am appreciative of the skills and lessons I learned. I want current girl scouts to have the same opportunity without the distraction of measuring up to unrealistic expectat...
6073 3 weeks ago bridgette crockett PA
6072 3 weeks ago Mimi Clark Vergennes, VT Get out of the real girl business and stay in your fantasy land. Real girls are not blond boobs.
6071 3 weeks ago Anonymous Columbus, OH
6070 3 weeks ago Lydia Mills Chicago, IL I am a proud former Girl Scout, and I am appalled that an organization that does such good, inclusive work would partner with Barbie and encourage girls to wear a logo. The white, blonde Barbie shou...
6069 4 weeks ago sara puhl santa cruz, CA I have been a troop leader/volunteer for 11 years and this type of partnership is not in the spirit of scouting.
6068 4 weeks ago eugene kachmarsky ON
6067 4 weeks ago Carlie Ruffalo Rochester, MN
6066 1 month ago Ellen Adler Toledo, OH
6065 1 month ago Beckie Stock
6064 1 month ago Anonymous La Canada, CA
6063 1 month ago vALDENICE G. DE ANDRADE Recife-PE\BRASIL,
6062 1 month ago Delia Camp South Pasdena, CA
6061 1 month ago Anonymous Pleasant View, UT
6060 1 month ago Anonymous Ogden, UT Barbie has been getting attention for years regarding the unrealistic body type she promotes. Come on Girl Scouts, don't let the business pressures of the day cause you to give up the values and mi...
6059 1 month ago Elaine Fischer Roanoke, VA
6058 1 month ago Meredith Moriarty Delmar, NY
6057 1 month ago Peg Hennings Ridge, NY
6056 1 month ago E Harshman Please partner with something or someone that looks like a REAL GIRL/woman! No girl deserves to be compared to the body image barbie projects.
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