Tell the Girl Scouts: Don't Partner with Barbie

"Girl Scouts should be a safe place for girls to be who they are and not be fed images of corporate falsehoods on who they should be."  -- Christie Parker, Troop Leader

The Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), the world’s largest girls’ leadership development organization, received $2 million from Mattel to promote Barbie to young girls. The partnership includes a Barbie-branded website,  the first ever commercialized participation patch for Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies, and a Barbie Girl Scout Doll.

Holding Barbie up as a role model for young girls is harmful and undermines the GSUSA’s vital mission “build girls of courage, confidence, and character.” Please join CCFC & Center for a New American Dream in urging GSUSA’s CEO Anna Marie Chavez to end this partnership and focus on providing enriching experiences for girls that foster healthy development.*

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6111 1 day ago Cate Green Haughton, LA As an Adult Scout, former Troop Leader, mother and grandmother of Girl Scouts, I am shocked and sickened that GSA has sold itself--and the spirits of little girls--to Mattel. This is co-branding at...
6110 1 week ago Taj Morgan Eugene, OR I would also like to urge Girl Scouts to re-examine their cookie program and reshape it to include organics and perhaps home baking.
6109 2 weeks ago J E Delman Red Hook, NY Terrible idea for girls who don't happen to be white, thin, blond, and beautiful by the very narrow standards of western culture!!!
6108 3 weeks ago Carole Lieberman, M.D. Los Angeles, CA As a former Brownie & Girl Scout, I am horrified that GSA has still not seen the error of its ways, and continue selling little girls' souls to Mattel and Barbie!
6107 3 weeks ago Kathleen Verner Denver, CO
6106 3 weeks ago Jo Grassman Tigard, OR
6105 3 weeks ago Anonymous My 6 year old girl just started Girl Scouts. She is very excited about it and is already experiencing a positive influence from the lessons taught when she meets with her group. I DO NOT SEE BARBIE ...
6104 3 weeks ago Julie Angus Huntington Beach, CA
6103 4 weeks ago Sarah Kulberg Oakland, CA
6102 4 weeks ago Kerry Darby CT
6101 4 weeks ago Elizabeth Coombs Culver City, CA I'm a Girl Scout leader, 7 years, and I saw GS Barbie in the GS Service Center shop. Yes, they've trimmed down her butt and bust, great. I agree with all the concerns stated above wholeheartedly, bu...
6100 1 month ago Kay Miles Ellensburg, WA Barbie is NOT a good representative for Girl Scouts nor a good role model for girls. Girl Scouts must distance the organization from Barbie and Mattel for the sake of the organization and the girls ...
6099 1 month ago Claire Presnall TN As a Gold Award Girl Scout, I am appalled to see GSA partnering with Barbie. Especially considering the current "I can be a Computer Engineer" dibacle, it's obvious Mattel and Barbie do not have gir...
6098 1 month ago john papandrea new york, NY
6097 1 month ago Anonymous Huttonsville , WV I will not have my Girl Scouts earn this badge.
6096 1 month ago Eliza Altenderfer PA As someone who's been involved with Girl Scouts for her entire life, this looks like no Girl Scout I've ever's like a bad Halloween costume. Partnering with Barbie is fine - as long as the...
6095 1 month ago Beatriz Cordero Brooklyn NY, NY
6094 1 month ago Juliana Burke Colorado Springs, CO
6093 1 month ago Roxane St.John Concord, VA Although my daughter completed the book, she refused to allow the patch to be placed on her vest without me chiming in my opinion against this partnership. She loves her patches. This ought to tel...
6092 1 month ago Alyssa Nelson Plymouth, NH As an advocate for early childhood, I am saddened that the Girl Scouts would partner with a Brand that sends such sexualized messages to young girls. This is very disappointing.
6091 1 month ago Christine Stephenson
6090 1 month ago Laura Magee Foxboro, MA I would never buy this toy and would never offer the patch to my Girl Scouts. I thought we were building girls up, not tearing them down.
6089 1 month ago Diann Sheehy
6088 1 month ago Zoe Harris San Anselmo, CA
6087 1 month ago Lyn GS Stoner CA Very disappointing. As a a GS myself growing up and now a GS leader I am very upset about this sell-out. Barbie does not represent the GS organization that I thought I knew. I may need to rethink my...
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