Tell Fisher-Price: No iPad bouncy seats for infants!

There are so many awful screen products for babies these days, but the Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat for iPad® device is the worst yet. It’s a bouncy seat for an infant – with a place for an iPad directly above the baby’s face, blocking his or her view of the rest of the world. And because screens can be mesmerizing and babies are strapped down and “safely" restrained, it encourages parents to leave infants all alone with an iPad. To make matters even worse, Fisher-Price is marketing the Apptivity Seat - and claiming it’s educational - for newborns.

It’s wrong to create a product whose very existence suggests that it’s fine to leave babies as young as newborns alone and with an iPad inches from their face. Please take a moment to tell Geoff Walker, Executive Vice President of Fisher-Price, to pull the plug immediately on the Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat.

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13311 16 hours ago Krystal Evola Macomb , MI , US You should be ashamed to be offering such a product! It doesn't matter than parents are buying it - you have a responsibility to parents as a company supplying products for their children to provide...
13310 18 hours ago Anonymous
13309 4 days ago Angela Powell Importantly, there is research reporting the effect of screen time on overall brain development and it is NEGATIVE. It is linked to a contributor to the AD/HD brain. It is important patents, educa...
13308 4 days ago Lindsey Nyberg Sarasota, FL , US I would never buy this & seriously question the parenting skills of anyone who thinks this is acceptable for an infant.
13307 6 days ago Brett Carter Menifee, CA , US Modern technology has limited (google numerous studies) our ability to relate, especially in children. As a parent of 4 there is not doubt that these screen driven devices have resulted in t...
13306 6 days ago Ashley Brunstetter NJ , US Actually I am typing just the opposite. while I agree that this chair is bad for parents to use on their babies if they are screaming or for hours or even pure laziness. Right now I am a stay at ho...
13305 1 week ago Rossana Alves Oakland, CA, CA , US
13304 1 week ago Eden Peart Port Townsend, WA , US
13303 3 weeks ago Eugene Gant Las Cruces, NM , US A parent who purchases this product to have the child taken away from them. A company that sells such a product is doing it for the profit only, not for the good of the child. Profit first!!! Chi...
13302 1 month ago Heather Kearney AB , CA I consider this product to actually border on abuse (certainly neglect!). The creator should be ashamed of himself.
13301 1 month ago Courtney janzen AB , CA
13300 1 month ago Stephanie Esau Calgary, AB , CA
13299 1 month ago jane shelton-kelley lincoln, CA , US
13298 1 month ago Elizabeth Wilberg Castle Rock, CO , US
13297 1 month ago Anonymous AB , CA
13296 1 month ago Amy de Jong NL
13295 1 month ago Sherron burns CA
13294 1 month ago Caitlin Coflin
13293 1 month ago Anonymous
13292 1 month ago Deanna Witwer Okotoks, AB , CA
13291 1 month ago Anonymous London, ot , GB
13290 1 month ago Anonymous
13289 1 month ago Shawna Zervos Moundsville, WV , US
13288 1 month ago Anonymous
13287 1 month ago Anonymous US This product is reprehensible! Especially since the AAP's stance on screen time for babies (none whatsoever under 2 years, which is actually a relaxed stance since when my daughter was born they...
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