Tell Fisher-Price: No iPad bouncy seats for infants!

There are so many awful screen products for babies these days, but the Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat for iPad® device is the worst yet. It’s a bouncy seat for an infant – with a place for an iPad directly above the baby’s face, blocking his or her view of the rest of the world. And because screens can be mesmerizing and babies are strapped down and “safely" restrained, it encourages parents to leave infants all alone with an iPad. To make matters even worse, Fisher-Price is marketing the Apptivity Seat - and claiming it’s educational - for newborns.

It’s wrong to create a product whose very existence suggests that it’s fine to leave babies as young as newborns alone and with an iPad inches from their face. Please take a moment to tell Geoff Walker, Executive Vice President of Fisher-Price, to pull the plug immediately on the Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat.

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13274 1 week ago Kerri White Boca raton, FL , US Since this product came on market I have not purchased any fisher price products and I actively urge all others to do the same. They know this is NOT a healthy development toy for infants!
13273 4 weeks ago Emily Butler MA , US
13272 1 month ago Tiffany DeLong CA , US
13271 1 month ago Lindsy Hughes-Curtis CA , US
13270 1 month ago Michelle Gonzales Phelan, CA , US
13269 1 month ago deanna herndon
13268 1 month ago Kathy Dorr La Verne , CA , US Children, even young infants, need to play and move their bodies. The United States has a high rate of childhood obesity and ADHD diagnosis, both of which are linked to inactivity. This will only ...
13267 1 month ago Alexandria Bennett Yorba Linda , CA , US
13266 1 month ago Mirla Martinez pomona, CA ,
13265 1 month ago Hannah Wohlk CA , US
13264 1 month ago Justin Heredia CA , US
13263 1 month ago Heidi Parrott
13262 1 month ago Denise Castro Chino hills, CA , US
13261 1 month ago Kourtney Jones San Bernardino, CA , US
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13259 1 month ago Brad Moon Chino Hills, CA , US
13258 1 month ago Heather Claffey Chino Hills, CA , US
13257 1 month ago Amanda Wolford IN , US
13256 1 month ago Veena Vaidyanathan
13255 1 month ago Wendy Delainey St. Albert, AB , CA
13254 1 month ago Sue Nozack Edmonton, AB , CA
13253 1 month ago Cristina Kingdon Scarborough, ot , GB
13252 1 month ago Cristina Kingdon Scarborough, ot , GB
13251 1 month ago Marianne Fearnside WHITSTABLE, ot , GB
13250 2 months ago Emma Joseph
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