Help Us Stop the Deceptive Advertising of Baby Apps

On August 7, CCFC filed Federal Trade Commission complaints against Fisher-Price, charging that the company falsely markets its popular tablet and smart-phone apps for babies as educational. Fisher-Price claims that its mobile apps will teach babies skills and information—including words and numbers— but doesn't offer any evidence to back up its claims.

Time with tablets and smart phones is the last thing babies need for optimal learning and development and may even be harmful. Research links infant screen time to sleep disturbances and delayed language acquisition, as well as problems in later childhood, such as poor school performance and childhood obesity. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends discouraging screen time for children under two.

Please urge the FTC to stop app developers from deceiving parents by signing the petition below. If you've purchased baby apps from Fisher Price, please indicate that in comment field.

Please note: an earlier version of this petition include app developer Open Solutions. As of August 12, however, the company has removed all educational claims from its promotional materials and CCFC has withdrawn that complaint.

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1449 5 months ago Azadeh Block Pittsburgh, PA
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1447 9 months ago Anonymous San Francisco, CA
1446 9 months ago Kathy Oborne Conondale,
1445 10 months ago Rafaela Melo MA
1444 10 months ago Anonymous Hamilton, ON
1443 10 months ago bouthors coralie avignon, ot
1442 11 months ago Betty Fischer FARGO, ND
1441 11 months ago Gloria Singh Portland, OR There has been research done with very young children who have deaf parents--to see if language could be learned from TV programs. Study found that language could not be learned well in that mode fo...
1440 11 months ago Carla Chiotti WA
1439 11 months ago Timothy Kress Franklin, MA 02038, MA
1438 11 months ago Linda Morgan Costa Mesa, CA
1437 11 months ago Tracy Fleming Santa Cruz, CA
1436 11 months ago Anonymous Stafford, VA We don't need babies looking at screens and playing with apps. We need babies playing with their parents and others. Stop trying to make money on something that is hurting society.
1435 11 months ago Caryn Swark Lethbridge, AB
1434 12 months ago roy sadler Stourbridge, ot This addicting machine
is obscene.
Babies are communicating
between wider worlds than we imagine
not being entangled in a double web of u.

Is your intent to suffocate life...
1433 12 months ago Erin Scanlon Cambridge, MA
1432 12 months ago Kerry Redding Cedar Park, TX
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