Save the Tooth Fairy!

“Can you believe that a childhood character known by millions worldwide has not yet been licensed?”—The Real Tooth Fairies, LLC

Until now, the Tooth Fairy was one of the few iconic children’s fantasy figures that escaped being captured, branded, and monetized. But that’s about to change. A group of past and present toy-industry executives have launched The Real Tooth Fairies, an effort to literally cash in on every tooth a child loses and “leverage and define this rite-of-passage moment.”

The Real Tooth Fairies’ website and its slew of licensed merchandise commercialize an inevitable biological milestone, the celebration of which has always been the purview of family rituals. Branding replaces children’s own creations with homogenized, corporate-constructed images, constricting both imagination and cultural diversity.

Please take a moment to urge Real Tooth Fairies’ stakeholders Paul Yanover, Marilyn Bollinger, and Howard Bollinger to call off their commercialized assault on childhood.

For more on why the Real Tooth Fairies is so harmful to children please visit:

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2195 2 weeks ago musfirah harrum pindi, PE i hate them they make my daughter feel she is still a kid
2194 1 month ago kashish ahmed rampur, WA
2193 2 months ago Peg Hennings Ridge, NY
2192 5 months ago Howard Cohen Palo Alto, CA
2191 6 months ago Anonymous TX Leave the fantasy where it belongs, with the children. This will be shameful and disgusting to copyright or trademark something like this. The tooth fairy and all others should be left where they ar...
2190 6 months ago Anonymous hempstead, NY
2189 6 months ago Therese Padilla Albuquerque, NM I'm going through a difficult divorce. My daughter is already having problems, which she seems to think your tooth fairy website will solve. If I just buy it for her.

You are manipulating m...
2188 7 months ago Cate Green Haughton, LA Forget imagination--Disney and others nave historically depicted fairy-tale characters. The real danger of this site is far more subtle! The site's true intent, monetizing a treasured imaginary figu...
2187 8 months ago Oriana Spizzo Belleville, IL
2186 8 months ago Vance Schuening NV Please, my daughter now believes that by us not allowing her to purchase the items for sale, that we are not allowing her to do good for others. This is just wrong. Please stop immediately. I unders...
2185 8 months ago Katrina Grandquist McKineny, TX Just stop, please. Your profit isn't worth a child's imagination.
2184 9 months ago Anonymous America , CA
2183 9 months ago Anonymous
2182 10 months ago Anonymous Boissevain, MB what an awful idea
2181 10 months ago Anonymous Nelson , BC please don't do this. have a heart, a soul, a conscience. Leave the imagination alone. DON't mess with children's innocence. don't corrupt their sense of body. just don't sell corrupting products. l...
2180 11 months ago Melinda Shevak Tequesta , FL I'm so sad that the creativity of the real tooth fairies of the world have to compete with the inappropriate nature of your creation. Shame on you.
2179 11 months ago Jennifer Cappione Wilmington, MA 01887, MA This is a total disgrace!!
2178 12 months ago Anonymous This is disgusting!
2177 12 months ago Anonymous WI
2176 12 months ago Maggie Standish ON
2175 12 months ago Anonymous Charlotte, NC
2174 1 year ago Ian Thomas Media, PA
2173 1 year ago Laura Lee Broadstairs, ot
2172 1 year ago Marisa Fisher WA
2171 1 year ago Brenna Walker Colorado Springs, CO
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