Tell United: No Media Violence on Overhead Screens

Two parents traveling with young children on a United Airlines flight from Denver to Baltimore were concerned that their 4- and 8-year old boys were exposed to the in-flight movie Alex Cross, rated PG-13 for “violence including disturbing images, sexual content, language, drug references, and nudity.” The parents asked if the flight crew could turn off the fold-down monitor most directly in their line of view and were told it wasn’t possible. They asked that their request be relayed to the captain—and their trip took a significant turn for the worse. The captain announced the flight was being diverted to Chicago for "security concerns." And these were? The family. Who were questioned by law enforcement before they could board a new flight.

Obviously not every family goes through an ordeal like this, but parents who travel with young children are all too familiar with being unable to escape from violent and/or sexualized in-flight films. And at 30,000 feet, there’s no opting-out. Please tell United Airlines to stop showing PG-13 movies on its in-flight overhead screens.

Scene from Alex Cross

Jeff Smisek

CEO, United Airlines