Help Us End Oil Drilling in the Arctic Ocean—For Good


The inability of oil companies to safely drill in the Arctic Ocean could be devastating to the region's wildlife, including endangered polar bears.

Last month, we won a significant victory when Shell Oil announced it would not be drilling in the Arctic Ocean this year. Yet, this is a short-term win because Shell may try to drill again next year, even though a  federal court ruled that the environmental risks of drilling in the Arctic Ocean had not been properly taken into account when the U.S. Government granted Shell leases to drill for oil off the coast of Alaska.

Now is the time to act. An oil spill like the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could cause an ecosystem collapse in the Arctic Ocean. Oil would be carried long distances on ice. In dark, extreme winter conditions, oil would also be trapped under the ice with little chance for containment or clean-up. Meanwhile, the oil industry has proven it does not have the technology to drill safely in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Ocean.

Tell Interior Secretary Jewell to cancel the existing Arctic Ocean leases and support the protection of wildlife, indigenous communities, and the Arctic environment.