Help Us Protect the Arctic from a Dangerous Chemical That Killed Over 2,000 Birds

This past spring, more than 2,000 birds died due to a chemical spill off the southwest coast of England in one of the country's worst marine pollution accidents. The birds were killed by the dangerous chemical polyisobutene (PIB).

This chemical is used as a lubricant to improve ship engine performance and may end up in the ocean when ships wash out their tanks. What's worse, some ships, to save money, use PIB to clean their shipping containers offshore, then dump the residue straight into the ocean—despite PIB's harmful impact on birds and other wildlife.

Right now, ships are legally allowed to dump water contaminated with PIB into our oceans. Help us protect Arctic birds and other wildlife from this dangerous chemical!

Ask Acting Administrator Dr. Kathryn Sullivan of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to pressure the U.N. agency responsible for crafting international maritime laws to ban the dumping of PIB into the Arctic Ocean.

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